Value of a Consultant

Piece of mind is the bottom line for using a roof consultant,  ultimately to save money, increase profits, and improve productivity. You can rest assured that, as your Roof Consultant, PCS will do that and much more.  Our consultants are professional members of Roof Consultants Institute (RCI). As well as  designations as HAAG as Certified Commercial Roof Inspectors.

Find Hidden Capital

Stop accepting Band-Aid solutions that do not last. Allow PCS to avoid the expenses of preventable service calls, and avoid collateral damage by taking advantage of opportunities to save energy operating expenses,  ultimately becoming efficient. In doing so you will improve the productivity and performance of your buildings intended function.

Progressive Consulting offers specific programs to meet your business goals and strategies. Providing full comprehensive analysis to further the protection of your Roof & Building Envelope Assets.

Save That Money

  • Improve financial forecasting and return on your assets.
  • Stop over paying for materials and service.
  • Best determine your approach to roofing and building envelope solutions and take your financial goals and objectives into consideration.
  • Stop paying for confusing advice from multiple sources.

Get Watertight  & Keep Energy In

Progressive Consulting Solutions is focused on ensuring you maximize your roof & building envelope asset value. Following up with diagnostic investigations, with end goal of offering cost effective asset life extension solutions. Ultimately to assist to preserve and protect the portfolio of your buildings.  

Progressive Consulting offers a condition based approach that derives from three main components: Current condition, implementation, and continuation. This process allows you to proactively deploy systematic solutions specific to energy expenditures, while extending the projected useful life of your asset.

Current Condition

It’s a collection of surveyed information gathered during analysis of your Roof or Building Envelope Diagnosis. Complete baseline condition reporting with recommendation objective options available specific to your building portfolio.


Progressive Consulting will deliver the Highest Value Roof and Building Envelope solutions. Our Design, Bid, and Project Management will ensure a smooth possess throughout the entire project.


This part of the process is where all the value lies, with customized roof and building envelope asset management and maintenance programs, that ensure warranty and intended function, Increasing the projected useful lifecycle.   

Diagnostics & Testing Methods

Physical Surveys and analysis are key to parts to understanding your buildings current portfolio function. Progressive Consulting can deploy a full range of cutting edge technologies to assist in diagnosis detection of failures, root cause, severity and solution recommendations. Proper tools can confirm that your building is free of damage also. Methods include Infrared scans, moisture probes/meters, Fastener pullout testing, aerial ponding surveys intended to determine drainage function.

Prioritized Building Schedules

With the vast amount building information available, the best way to gain an advantage is through understanding. With this particular process we instill confidence to help you take action to capitalize on asset preservation, driving towards long range performance and optimization.  

Offering our clients carefully created high value solutions and options. Solutions that are continually proactive and responsive to help achieve ultimate asset performance and return of investment.

Progressive Consulting’s Valued Mission

Information = Understanding

Progressive Consulting Solutions shared information process, provides an understanding advantage opportunity. Allowing our clients to make educated decisions to effectively and efficiently manage their assert portfolio.

Provided with the tools to understand the full process & procedure of any phase of the project. PCS ensures detailed documentation and proper direction, will ultimately offer our clients a play by play view on the entire project, developing results and piece of mind.

We Work for You

Progressive does not work for the Manufacturer or the Contractor. This allows you to count on us to provide the services and information you need to minimize your roof costs and manage you roofs and Building Envelope. By partnering with a non-Bias reputable third-part roof inspection and Consulting firm, will help ensure objective results, and accurate system analysis. The more accurate and consistent the monitoring, the greater the value of your finished product.

Progressive Consulting Solutions provides quality roof, contaminant, drainage, wind storm damage, moisture, roof membrane, and base attachment inspections and consulting services. We cater to property managers, general contractors, and private building owners. We provide our services all across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.