All roofs require periodic inspection and maintenance in order to perform as designed and to provide a long and effective service life. Periodic inspection and maintenance is also typically required by roofing system manufacturers to keep roofing warranties in full force and effect.

Although all building owners should establish a periodic roof inspection program, inspection and maintenance of any roof should be undertaken only by qualified Certified Roof Inspector, familiar with safe roofing practices, including all applicable occupational, health and safety regulations relating to the roofing and construction industries.

Due to modern roofing systems containing a wide variety of components and installation techniques, all roof inspections should be conducted by a Certified commercial roof inspector or similar roofing professional. Typically two inspections should be conducted each year, one in the spring and one in the late fall. If the roof is warranted, at least one roof inspection each year should be conducted to monitor the current roof condition.

Please note that the cost of periodic inspection is typically not included in the original cost of a manufacturers warranty. Accordingly, the building owner should contact a Certified roof inspector to obtain a proposal for ongoing inspection and maintenance services.

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