Although most roof membranes provide outstanding resistance to natural weathering, their durability can be adversely affected by contact with many organic substances, including oils, fats, and organic solvents. Because exposure to these types of contaminants will cause many roofing membranes to lose strength and resiliency, periodic inspection is very important for Progressive Consulting  to assure that any damage is identified and addressed quickly.


  • Air Conditioner Compressors. Frequently, air conditioning units will leak oil, or oil may be spilled during periodic maintenance.
  • Kitchen Exhaust Fans. Grease from cooking exhausts can accumulate, especially if filters are not cleaned frequently.


  • Membrane Swelling. Some single-ply membranes, such as EPDM, will exhibit swelling or buckling of the membrane. This is an indication that the membrane has absorbed the contaminant and that fundamental physical properties of the membrane have been compromised.
  • Membrane Splitting & Cracking. Contact with oils or organic solvents can embrittle asphalt roofs and some single-ply membranes by accelerating the loss of lighter weight components.  


  • Membrane Swelling, Splitting or Cracking. Membrane which has swelled or cracked should be replaced by a licensed contractor.  


  • Redundant Membrane Layer. If contamination, especially from cooking exhausts, is considered to be chronic, a redundant layer of roofing membrane should be applied around the exhaust vent and the roof surface area typically affected by grease deposits. This additional layer should be installed by a licensed roofing contractor.  
  • Grease Traps. A number of proprietary grease traps are available which can be placed around exhaust units to absorb fats and grease. Typically, these units will require periodic maintenance to function properly. These units can be installed by any contractor competent in sheet metal work, but the installation should be coordinated by Progressive Consulting to enssure proper instalation. 

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