Modern perimeter attachments are designed to provide many years of secure performance, but these attachments are subjected to stresses which over time may produce distortion of the base attachments. Typically, base attachments do not need to be inspected during the normal ten to fifteen warranty period unless observations of distortion have been observed. After the normal warranty period, it may be advisable to completely renovate the base attachments by installing new base attachments.  


  • Parapet Walls and Equipment Curbs. 
  • Sheet metal Roof Edges.


  • "Bridging"…"Bridging" refers to the tendency for roofing membrane to pull away from any angled intersection due to the inherent "memory" of the manufactured roofing sheet. Minor bridging, extending beyond the angle change less than one inch, can typically be expected from any roofing membrane after a reasonable period of service. Bridging greater than one inch may indicate that the base attachment itself is beginning to experience stress, and this stress may lead to water entry through roof seams which run through the angle change of the base attachment.
  • Loose Fasteners. The observation of loose or "tented" fasteners beneath the membrane at the base attachment may indicate that the original installation of the fastener was inadequate to accommodate long-term stress on the base attachment.  


  • Emergency Repair. If bridging or distortion at a base attachment is causing active leakage, try to seal the leak with a construction-grade butyl caulking.
  • Permanent Restoration of Roof Seams. Restoration of aged base attachments should be performed by a licensed roofing contractor.

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