PCS Bid Management Solutions

The firsts step in the process following the award of the project is creating accurate Bids with a wide array of options. PCS will assist with or be responsible for the administration Bid process, construction administration, and quality assurance inspections activities including but not limited to:

Strategic Bid Management can save 10-30%.

  • Source out Qualified Contractors
  • Review Contractor Qualifications
  • Conduct pre-bid site meetings
  • Bid analysis focusing on project cost and over project value
  • Proposing Award Recommendations

Progressive Consulting ensures that:

 “apples to apples” 

Bids are on the agenda with the above mentioned services.

Contract Monitoring/Management

No matter the extensiveness of the evaluation/survey or how applicable the specification and drawings, the success of the project is largely dependent on the execution by the contractor. Progressive’s collaborative approach with our clients and the contractor ensures that everyone succeeds during the prosecco form initial, interim, and final inspection. Again the services activities listed includes but not limited to:

  • Conduct Pre-Construction Conference
  • Review Shop Drawings with client
  • Review all permits and licensing
  • Review of Liability insurance coverage and Bonding
  • Warranty Review
  • Development and Approval of Design changes.
  • Performance Metrics that track improvements over time
  • Condition based maintenance strategies
  • Post construction Conference

Progressive Consulting Project Management & Inspection/Monitoring Scope of Services:

  • Daily monitoring of all project activities as required
  • Daily Progress Reports with photo Documentation
  • Periodic/Daily/Weekly Project Meeting
  • Mediation/Problem Resolution
  • Conduct a final inspection with our client

On-Going Maintenance Programs

Carefully created maintenance plans for your Roof & Building Envelope are the key ingredient to longevity & Projected Useful Lifecycle.

Progressive Consulting has developed a variety of tailored plans to perform routine maintenance checks on Roofs. We will provide proper budget forecasts to prioritize spending, as well as track maintenance activities and repairs. Its purpose is to assist in extending the lifecycle of the asset and all its content.

Implementing Routine Maintenance Inspections will allow the detection of minor problems before damage is widespread, adding years to the roof life while significantly reducing overall future costs.

Progressive Consulting On-Going Maintenance Programs

  • Annual and Bi-annual inspections 
  • Thorough failure investigations
  • Maintenance Programsschedule debris removal from roof surface, clear drains, and gutters-repair potential future issues
  • Warranty Compliance inspections-implement warranty maintenance requirements & and provide comprehensive documentation

Progressive Consulting Solutions provides quality roof, contaminant, drainage, wind storm damage, moisture, roof membrane, and base attachment inspections and consulting services. We cater to property managers, general contractors, and private building owners. We provide our services all across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.